General Questions

How do I pay for my order?

We offer a variety of payment methods through the familiar and trusted Peach Payment interface. We process MasterCard and Visa credit cards, Instant EFT (with SA’s four biggest banks)

How much is shipping?

We ship for free within South Africa for all orders over R700. If you are not at the supplied address at the time of delivery, delivery is at your risk. For this reason, holster recommends you nominate a work address to receive your product/s.

Can you offer more information on a product?

The product page for each item will include sizing, a detailed description and pictures which can be enlarged. If there is any further information you feel you may need, please email and one of our very helpful sales staff will help you.

Has my order been shipped yet?

As soon as your order is dispatched from our Warehouse, you will be sent an email to confirm that it’s on its way. Click here to Track your delivery.

Click here to find your Order Number.

Shoe Care

Does Jelly have a smell?

Just like leather has a unique smell, our PVC injected shoes also have a unique smell that lasts a few weeks. Many of our customers comment how much they love it! All our jellies are safe, REACH compliant and Vegan Friendly.

Will my feet sweat and smell?

This will depend on the climate you live in. If it is very hot and humid where you live there is the chance they may feel damp when you walk outside from an air-conditioned environment. This however will pass (much the same way your sunglasses fog up when you walk outside). holster Head Office has not received any feedback from customers that their feet sweat.

How comfortable will they be?

We receive a large amount of feedback from global customers regarding the amazing comfort they feel wearing their holster jelly shoes.

A common design feature of our flat shoes is the slight arch, horseshoe sole and underheel air pocket. This is far more supportive than a completely flat design (for example, a thong). For those who prefer a non-arched sole, we offer/recommend padded insoles to ensure you’re still as comfortable as possible.

Will they stretch?

Like all shoes, holster products will last longer the better you treat them. If you undo the buckle and strap when you are removing and putting the shoes on, they will not stretch. If you simply pull the ankle strap on and off rather than undoing the strap you will eventually stretch them.

How do I care for my jellies?

Use warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth to clean them. Ensure all jewels or diamantes are properly dried. Shoes such as our espadrilles and padded insole shoes are not suitable for this approach and need to be spot cleaned. Please do not use harsh chemicals on any of our shoes.

Will the diamontes or jewels tarnish?

 The embellishments on your shoes will last longer the better care you give them. If your shoes get wet in the rain or you are cleaning them, ensure they are completely (and delicately) dried. This is especially applicable to salt water as it is so corrosive.

Will the silver come off?

Avoid excessive rubbing or abrasive activity, such as scratching embellishments on car doors, rough surfaces and the like. Some skin products, such as suntan lotion, can cause erosion of the silver trays. With proper care, the silver will not come off. Your holsters will truly fare better the more love you show them.

A jewel has come off, what now?

holster products are highly embellished and from time to time accessories may become dislodged. Replacement accessories e.g. jewels, studs and buckles for current season styles may be available. Please click here to Log A Warranty Claim


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